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From time to time, members in a limited liability company (LLC) or partners in a partnership become involved in disputes, and sometimes these disputes must be resolved through litigation in an area of business law that often requires an in-depth review of financial and accounting documents, client dedication and organization, and detailed analysis of counsel, consultants, and experts of company documents and agreements. If you need a trusted attorney to help you navigate through difficult corporate litigation matters, consult the team at DesChamps Law Firm in Myrtle Beach. Our practice features skilled litigators who have experience resolving a wide range of business-related disputes in the State of South Carolina.

Managing Partnership and LLC disputes

LLC and partnership disputes can occur for many reasons. If there isn’t clear communication between members or partners, expectations may be misunderstood. Members or partners may disagree on a business matter or a member, manager, or partner might fail to live up to certain standards. Sometimes, a member or partner feels that his or her rights have been ignored, that he or she has been excluded from the company, that profits or distributions are not being properly paid, or that the company is being operated in a way that is contrary to the member’s or partner’s interest. Often, when aspiring business entrepreneurs start an LLC or a partnership they do not anticipate or plan on future disputes within the company. Disputes often begin with a member or partner requesting company information, and the dispute may be as simple as a member or partner not being provided with relevant information. Often times, even the simplest of these disputes evolves into a much more complex dispute that may include complicated accounting issues, compensation and payment disputes, buy-sell and withdrawal disputes, owner deadlock, management disputes, or a breach of duties and obligations.

Familiarity and a comprehensive understanding of the statutory law and case law applicable to LLCs and partnerships, the LLC’s or the partnership’s governing documents such as the operating agreement or partnership agreement, and other relevant information is essential to negotiating a resolution, meaningful participation in mediation, or pursuing a remedy or resolution through litigation. A skilled attorney can help you determine the best path for you or your organization.

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Since 1979, DesChamps Law Firm in Myrtle Beach has served the Grand Strand area, assisting clients with a wide range of corporate litigation issues. To set up a meeting, call 843-213-6430 or contact us online.

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