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Residential Real Estate Transactions

Experience in Residential Real Estate Closings in Horry and Georgetown Counties

In South Carolina, most aspects of a real estate closing constitute the practice of law. Included in the practice of law is the review and/or preparation of the contract of sale, if applicable; the conducting of the title exam; certification of the title to the title insurance company; issuing the title insurance commitment and policy; preparing the closing documents; and the disbursement of funds.

Our Managing Attorney and Founder, Bill DesChamps, began conducting title examinations as a law clerk in 1973 and continued to examine titles as an attorney associate from 1976 to 1979. Our Litigation Attorney, Trey DesChamps, previously conducted title examinations as both an aspiring attorney, and, in more recent years, as a practicing attorney. The actual hands-on experience of conducting title examinations sets DesChamps Law Firm apart from other law firms which conduct residential real estate closings.

Our attorneys at DesChamps Law Firm understand and ensure that the closing is done properly with attention given to closing details including: (1) careful review and modification, if required, of the contract of sale; (2) review and understanding of loan closing instructions; (3) careful study of the title notes and ad valorem real and personal property tax verification, and relationship with the lender and buyer requirements; and (4) ordering and obtaining any required termite reports, HOA certificate of assessment, inspection report, loan payoff statement, appraisal report, and survey (if required).

DesChamps Law Firm is differentiated from most other law firms which conduct residential real estate closings in that we also litigate matters associated with closings and, therefore, are in a position to review and modify the contract and closing documents from a different perspective. Because we are also litigation attorneys, we prefer to represent only the purchaser or only the seller so that, in the event of conflict, we are in a better position to advocate for our client.

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