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The lawyers at DesChamps Law Firm have decades of experience assisting with construction litigation issues, including those involving mechanic’s liens, homeowner warranties, construction contracts, liability policies, and more. We focus on solving difficult legal challenges for our clients, offering expert legal guidance based on our decades of combined experience. You can trust in the law firm that has served Horry County business professionals and organizations since 1979.

Construction project disputes may spur litigation

Construction projects are complicated operations, which require that the needs of owners, contractors, and other involved entities are all met. Disputes may arise on a wide range of construction projects, from single-family homes and apartment communities to commercial properties and the development of subdivisions. The following are some of the most common disputes:

  • Construction Contract Disputes. Contract disputes often occur over changes in the contract drawings issued at the time that the contract was signed. Occasionally, disputes arise over poorly documented or coordinated drawings.
  • Copyright Issues. Architectural copyrights, especially in relation to architectural drawings and designs, protect the original designs of architecture in any form. In 1990, Congress passed the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act, which provides these protections to architectural plans, drawings, and buildings. If a building infringes on another’s plans or building, the owner and the builder may be found guilty of copyright infringement.
  • Homeowner Warranties. Many new homebuilders provide extended home warranties, which typically cover anything from minor problems, such as malfunctioning appliances, to major problems like faulty foundation. Some homeowner warranties, however, receive funds through “captives,” which are builder-established insurance companies designed to give builders more control over their insurance. If builders go out of business before the captive is fully funded, they have no duty to pay any warranty claims.
  • Mechanic’s Liens. A mechanic’s lien is a lien against a property, which is filed by an unpaid contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, or laborer. If left unpaid, a mechanic’s lien allows a foreclosure action and forces the sale of the property in lieu of compensation.
  • Structural Defects. A structural defect is nearly any condition that reduces the value of a home, including water leaks through the roof, windows, or doors; stucco or siding defects; foundation defects; faulty drainage; defective plumbing; faulty electrical wiring and insufficient insulation.
  • Surety Bonds. A surety bond ensures that a contract is completed in the event of contractor default. Contractors obtain surety bonds from surety companies. If a contractor defaults, the surety company is required to find another contractor to either complete the contract or compensate the project owner for financial loss.

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Since 1979, the attorneys at DesChamps Law Firm have worked with individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout Horry and Georgetown counties. To set up a meeting with a skilled litigator, call 843-213-6430 or contact us online.

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