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Probate and Estate Issues in Horry and Georgetown Counties

Do you need help with any probate issues?

That unfortunate time has come when someone has passed away.  It is a hard time for the family and friends but, unfortunately, the legal ramifications must be addressed.  We are here for you to assist in making this journey as smooth as possible.  Are you a designated personal representative in the will? Are you a beneficiary of someone’s will? Are you a creditor of someone who has passed away? For any of the above scenarios and many more, the attorneys at DesChamps Law Firm are ready to answer your questions and concerns regarding same and to guide you on the best steps to take to protect your interest.  We also represent personal representatives and/or the estate in probate administration matters to ensure all the proper documents are filed, assets are distributed in accordance with the will, and the estate is timely and appropriately closed. Please contact our firm to set up a time to meet with our attorneys and staff members to assist you with your probate matters.

Do you need help with preparation of estate documents?

Do you have a will? Do you have a heath care power of attorney? Do you have a durable power of attorney? Do you have a living will?  These documents may become necessities in the event of incapacity, hospitalization, illness, or death.  We are here to assist you in these difficult times.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation with any of the attorneys at DesChamps Law Firm to discuss your concerns so we can best advise you on which documents you will need prepared to safeguard your future as well as the future of your family. Our firm’s guidance on probate and estate issues is differentiated from most other law firms because we not only draft probate and estate documents, but we also litigate issues arising over probate and estate conflicts. We recognize that the lawyer plays a role in making informed decisions and judgments prior to the preparation of estate documents on behalf of a client. Make no mistake, wills and powers of attorney are very powerful documents that can either serve to carry out the client’s true wishes and intentions, or serve as the perfect tool to financially exploit the elderly client and pillage his or her entire estate plan that he or she worked their entire life to build. Our litigation experience helps us in identifying the client, determining the client’s capacity to sign estate documents, understanding the client’s estate plan, and knowing the client’s potential fiduciaries before nominating them in the estate documents.


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